Poly Pack


We are Supplier, Trader, Stockist, Exporter, (and also Services Provider) of Poly Pack (Polypack) Preparation Systems, Polymer Dosing Systems, We also provide Servicing, AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) Services, Repairing Services and Our office is situated at Nashik and Unit 1 in Pune, Maharashtra, India. We provide this product from reputed Manufacturer Milton Roy and its Authorized Dealers, Distributors.

polypack, Polymer Dosing Systems

  • Continuous and automatic preparation of polymers (powder)
  • Compact and functional, suitable for pallet loading
  • Control of maturing time
  • Many configurations and options
  • 3-compartment tank with 1 to 3 mixers
  • A system to wet the powder by water flow
  • Concentrations up to 5 g/l and higher
  • Extraction/dosing flowupto6660 l/h and higher

  • fully automatic system
  • less floor space
  • good powder wetting
  • homogeneous dissolution
  • less chemical consumption

  • provides superior usage and dosage control with properly calibrated.
  • proven to reduce handling issues.
  • units are fully automated requiring less operator attention
polypack, Polymer Dosing Systems
polypack, Polymer Dosing Systems